The changing face of Appearance Medicine...

To acock?

The days are numbered for the niche market of 60 year olds trying to wind back 40 years and 20 year olds with bee stung lips.  Now the accepted objective of most cosmetic procedures is to look and feel well, at every age.  For example, many of our clients now recognize that lost fat and other changes in the face can make them look tired and unwell, so they come to us for dermal fillers and a natural, healthy looking result.  Shaving a few years off is just a bonus.

I love that I get to help people be the most confident version of themselves.  Elegantly enhancing facial features and contours allows for a holistic, natural looking result.

The cats eye, Mr Spock, frozen face, pillow cheeks and trout pout are out.  A natural, healthy and beautiful aesthetic is in.  And with this brings a whole new, and ever growing population of rejuvenated beauties and gentlemen.

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