Profhilo is a unique hyaluronic acid injection treatment program. Blebs of product are injected into a pattern on the skin. This results in improved skin hydration and biostimulation. Skin texture improves and fine linesreduce as well as an increase in your body’s own collagen and elastin. Results last 6-12months. It was launched in Italy in 2015 and arrived in New Zealand and Australia in 2020. I was fortunate to be part of the clinical trial team for NZ. Well over a million treatments have been performed globally
Since being launched in Italy in 2015 over a million Profhilo treatments have been performed in Europe and the UK. Profhilo arrived in New Zealand and Australia in 2020.
*Profhilo ®, containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class III medical device for the treatment of the face and body for contours redefinition and laxity remodelling where skin laxity is a problem. Profhilo has risks and benefits. Do not use with treatments such a laser resurfacing or medium deep skin-peeling. Do not inject into inflamed areas or intravenously or intramuscularly. Possible side effects: pain and swelling at injection site. Accelagen Pty. Ltd. Whanganui.