Restylane Skinboosters®* can be used to target problem areas to restore radiance, hydration and improve fine lines. They are best used in a course of treatments.
*Restylane® Skinboosters is a gel containing hyaluronic acid that is injected into or below the skin to improve skin structure, hydration and elasticity. Restylane® Skinboosters is a medical device class III that has risks and benefits. Do not use in patients with bleeding disorders, or in patients taking blood thinning medicines. Do not inject intravascularly, where there is active disease, inflammation, infection, or tumours near the intended treatment site Possible side effects are injection site effects like swelling, bruising, and tenderness and inflammation. Treatment usually lasts 6-12 months. Product and treatment costs will apply. Consult your cosmetic practitioner for further information. Further product details can also be found in the full product information. Galderma, Auckland.