Ever wondered what actually happens during a cosmetic consultation?

To Peacock or not to Peacock?

Firstly, it’s not scary and there is no obligation to proceed with treatment.

Before I see you, you will be asked to complete a medical consultation form. This is to ensure that you don’t have any medical conditions or are on any medication that would exclude you from the treatment options that we offer.

I’ll then go through your consultation form and ask further questions.   It’s really important that I know whether you are on any medication, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, what your medical/dental history is, what your impending travel plans are etc.   Some questions may seem silly but there is a reason each one is there, so take your time to complete all relevant information.
We would then move on to discuss any specific concerns you may have.  You will be given a hand mirror and I may take some photos at this point too.
I’ll then complete a holistic assessment of your face shape, facial features, proportions, symmetry & skin quality.
From there we will discuss your treatment goals and we’ll work together to develop a treatment plan. 
I’ll go into details about the treatment options, expected outcomes, risks & possible side effects.  There will be the opportunity to ask any questions and you’ll be given some information to take home and read in more detail.

The plan may be as simple as a one off wrinkle relaxing treatment or as complex as several wrinkle relaxing treatments throughout the year in addition to dermal fillers and skin boosters.

How your customised plan looks is determined by your concerns, my assessment, your budget and your overall goals.

The consultation takes about 30 minutes.

In some cases there is the opportunity to have a wrinkle relaxing treatment during this consultation time.

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