Immunity boost AND longer lasting wrinkle relaxing treatment?
Yes please!.

We all know zinc is great for your immune system and good for your skin, but did you know it may also improve the longevity of your wrinkle relaxing treatments?.  There are some convincing publications that show that low zinc levels may result in a reduced effect and duration of wrinkle relaxers.  Optimal zinc levels may boost your results and help your treatments to last longer.  Who wouldn’t want that?!.


Good sources of dietary zinc include: meat, shellfish, legumes, seeds, nuts, dairy, eggs, whole grains, potatoes & dark chocolate.  Zinc supplements are also available in clinic, at the pharmacy or supermarket.  Use as directed.

Skin Boosters

As we enter the winter months our skin can suffer.  Respite from the sun is welcome, but central heating and extreme temperature change and windburn can reap havoc on our delicate skin.  Skin boosters can help to hydrate the skin from inside out by depositing hyaluronic acid within the layers of the skin.  This in turn can also help with fine lines, pore size, texture and even reduce the appearance of some skin pigmentation.  Skin boosters add a natural looking plumpness to the skin, without volumizing the face.  They also help to offer a radiant glow and revive dull looking skin.  A course of 3 treatments at is recommended with 2 X 1ml syringes per treatment.  Treatments should be spaced out at 4 weekly intervals.  A maintenance treatment every 6-12 months will help maintain optimal results.



$550 per 2ml session  

$1400 (pre-paid) for a course of 3 x2ml sessions

Coming soon... Skin Needling

I am excited to announce that not only will I be offering skin needling in clinic, I will also have the latest and greatest technology available for this treatment. 



Skin needling is using a device to create micro channels into the skin at a depth specific to your skin concern, area of the face and your skin thickness.  It is used to aid skin tightening, reduce pore size, improve scarring and reduce pigmentation.  It does this by stimulating a collagen cascade within your skin over a period of 6-12 weeks.  Dermal needling is usually done in a course of treatments and is suitable for almost anyone. A course of 3 treatments at is recommended at 4 weekly intervals.  A maintenance treatment every 6-12 months will help maintain optimal results.


Like all treatments, a healthy lifestyle and protecting your skin from the sun can further enhance and prolong your results. 


The treatment itself will involve the application of a topical anaesthetic ointment, followed by the skin needling & a post care treatment pack.


$500 per session (hair line to base of neck)
$1200 (pre-paid) for a course of 3 session

Unlock your skin potential with this combination treatment course.

Combining these two fantastic treatments into a course will help you to unlock your ultimate skin potential.  

Until 30 June 2020, the ultimate pre-paid combination package is just $2400 (save over $1000).

This package includes:

3x 3ml (usually 2ml per treatment) skin booster treatments (cheeks to base of neck) and 3x skin needling sessions (hairline to base of neck) including post care topical.

Covid Pre-screening

I hope you have all stayed safe and well during what can only be described as a very challenging, sad and scary time for many.  We take the wellbeing of our clients and staff very seriously, so ask that ALL clients complete a Covid pre-screening within 24 hours of their appointment, in addition to completing a register in clinic.  The pre-screening can be found here.

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